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Fixing Bike

To fix your bike we have the best tools in the market. Any service is too difficult when you have the right set of bicycle tools.

Remove Grease

Old grease could damage your drive train and need to be removed. We can carefully disassemble the whole system to provide the right cleaning.

Washing Bike

If you decide to wash your bike we advise you to go with neutral soap and avoid other cleaning products. Also, you can get bicycle cleaning soap in specific sections in the market

Tire Pressure

The right pressure in your tires is important because it will keep the perfect set up of everything. Less it will damage your rims and spokes, more it will provoke to loosen parts and could damage the tires.

Buying Tips

We will be more than happy you with some tips for you to get a new ride. The market provides uncountable kinds and types of bikes and the right one could be hard to find.


We have the ability to build some parts in our shop. If you are in need to rebuild your beauty and need specialized help please come to us.

Chain Tuneup

The right cleaning and adjustment are crucial to keeping your bike always running smoothly. You can choose the special that is more specific for trail bikes and Mtbs or the regular for a cheaper and faster service.

Routine & Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your bike for years. Try to create a routine to clean and replace some basics such as cables and housing.

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