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About Us

If you think your bike may be beyond repair,

come on down to see us



We have a fully trained, experienced service department ready to handle all of your bicycle service needs.

Sometimes it is frustrating when you have a bike that you like so much and no one wants to service it. Any project is a project, it is your project, it is your bike. We will handle it with the passion that we have for the bike lifestyle.

  • Certified Staff
  • 24/7 Support
  • Quality Service
  • Cost effective

Our Experts

Our team has been building all kinds of bicycle repair for over 20 years

Ray Ferlin



Before I know Ray I never imagined that my old peugeot could work again. He had built some special parts to assemble it again not to mention the bright of the painting again. 

Mert  - Vancouver, LLC

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